A new website - October 2020

Street photographs don't necessarily have to be taken on a street. I take photographs that I think are interesting, unusual, artistic, amusing or quirky that I see when I am out and about, anywhere.


After the storm

Most street photographers will probably use a good camera-phone or a good digital camera.  I have been photographing since the days of film so for me, street photography is about taking photographs on a camera.

For me, using a good camera is part of the enjoyment of photography. I realise that camera-phones can take good or even great photographs, but although I carry an iPhone, I rarely take a pictures with it. I use cameras that have a viewfinder as well as a rear screen so even in the brightest sunlight I can always see exactly what I am about to shoot. Camera-phone screens are fine for use some of the time but out in the street where there is bright ambient light and often distracting reflections I find them difficult to use. I use cameras that have real, tactile controls at my finger-tips so that I can make adjustments without taking my eye from the viewfinder. I just don't get the same enjoyment from tapping a screen.

I probably won't mention camera-phones again, but I do applaud the photographers that produce good pictures from them. The great thing about them is that they are small and light and are usually always with you.

For street photography certain types of camera and lens are thought of as best. Find out more on the MORE page.